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Advanced Text & Data Parsing

Effortlessly extract structured data from unstructured text sources such as documents, emails, web pages, and more. With advanced parsing algorithms and customizable rules, you can streamline your data extraction process and unlock valuable insights.

How Does It Work?

Our software provides a simple 4-step automated alternative to the time consuming task of manual data-entry and analysis. Our all-in-one suite technology helps provide accurate text and character parsing results while saving time and energy.

1. Data Source Identification

 Identify the source of unstructured text data, such as documents, emails, or web pages.

2. Parsing Rule Creation

Define parsing rules based on your custom data elements and formats. These include patterns, regular expressions, or custom logic.

3. Parsing Execution

Apply the parsing rules to the unstructured text, extracting the specified data elements and converting them into structured format.

4. Data Output

Retrieve the extracted structured data in a usable format, such as JSON, XML, CSV, or directly integrate it into your database or application.
create custom rules
Training Using Structured Data

Enhance the AI capabilities by training the parser model to handle structured data, including auto-tagging roles based on tasks and their location in the text or procedure, improving data organization and analysis.

Train Models

Upload your list of pre-defined risks, and our AI data model will be trained to recognize and create smarter auto-tags.

Get Better Results

Enhance efficiency and accuracy in risk identification, ensuring comprehensive risk management across your organization.

Next-Gen Character Recognition

Leverage our Recognition Software to automate document conversion, saving time and improving searchability. Enhance collaboration with editable and shareable documents for streamlined workflows.

Reliable and Consistent Results

Ensure accuracy and data integrity with our advanced Recognition technology by accurately extracting text from scanned documents.

Benefit from searchable and indexed documents that enable efficient data retrieval, ensuring compliance and facilitating information management.

Cost-Effective Document Management

Unlock cost and resource savings by minimizing physical storage requirements through the digitization and consolidation of documents. 

Reduce paper consumption and associated costs while optimizing document retrieval, minimizing labor-intensive tasks, and maximizing the utilization of valuable resources.

High accuracy
AI-Enhanced Parsing
  • Train the model to enhance AI capabilities.
  • Utilize auto-tagging to parse roles based on tasks, context, and procedures.
  • Expedite migration projects with the pre-trained parser, equipped with over 100,000 roles out-of-the-box.
  • Customize the model by loading and training it for improved auto-tagging accuracy, including recognizing specific roles and extracting asset names, system names, and rules/policies.

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See firsthand how our parser can help your business extract and process valuable information, streamlining your workflow like never before. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What file formats does the parser support?

Our parser is designed to support a wide range of file formats, including Word documents, EXCEL and image files such as JPEG. It can also recognize text in languages other than English.

How secure is the parser?

We take data security very seriously and have implemented strict security measures to protect our users’ data. Our parser uses encryption to secure data in transit and at rest, and we regularly perform security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

How accurate is the parser?

Our AI algorithms to achieve high levels of accuracy in recognizing and extracting data from documents and images. However, the result still varies depending on the quality of the input file, the complexity of the data, and other factors.

Is the parser easy to integrate with other systems?

Yes, our parser is designed with ease of integration in mind. We provide easy exportable formats that easily integrate our parser with other systems and applications. We also offer support and documentation to help with the integration process.

How long does it take to parse a document or image?

The time it takes to parse a document or image depends on the complexity and size of the file. However, our parser is designed to work quickly and efficiently, and it usually takes just a few seconds to parse a file.

Can the parser handle large volumes of data?

Yes, our parser is designed to handle large volumes of data with ease. It uses parallel processing to speed up the parsing process, and our cloud-based infrastructure allows us to scale up as needed to meet the demands of our users.

Still have Questions?

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More About Us

AIDocParser is a technology used by an Integrated Management System made by Interfacing. A data mining parser composes one of the features that make up Interfacing’s EPC. An Enterprise Process Center (EPC) is a smart all-in-one business suite that aids companies manage their business processes, track performance & analytics, ensure compliance and much more.

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